Keep your customers — and keep them happy.

Fulcrum helps organizations gather first-party customer data to create personalized experiences based on the interests and behavior of every customer.

By capturing user behavior in real-time, Fulcrum provides marketing teams with the ability to effectively view the data to show performance, conversion and user journeys when it counts, not weeks or months later.

Click below to see a few examples of how Fulcrum can personalize a user’s experience.

Here is an example of Fulcrum automatically serving up a personalized experience based on the user’s location. Fulcrum’s AI recognizes the location of the user and generates a “localized” image to relate to the user.


Fulcrum combines individual user data with real-time browsing and purchase behavior to provide a personalized message.

For example, Fulcrum can personalize a cross-sell message to an individual user who recently purchased a backpack. In this case, Fulcrum displays a few products that other users bought as well as the new backpack.


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