See how Fulcrum reacts in the moment.

Fulcrum can distinguish the individual behavior of all of your users, providing an engaging and highly-relevant experience. Our ability to capture user behavior data across multiple channels and in real-time gives you the power to optimize your user journey in the moment — allowing you to connect more directly with your users and ultimately help catapult your conversions.

Click below to see the differences between a new user’s and a returning user’s home page when using Fulcrum.

Fulcrum recognizes the visitor as a new user and serves up a customized headline, promoting a consumer confidence score of 93% retention rate.

Fulcrum remembers the user was looking at travel options and based on the depth of their engagement, they seem to be close to making a vacation decision. Fulcrum AI works in the background to automatically identify the same user and provides a relevant, personalized and engaging experience to promote a booking.

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