Fulcrum increases conversions by connecting customers to your brand

Drive conversions with First-Party Data

Make better decisions on how to interact with your customers by collecting user behavior data in real-time to provide your customers with relevant messaging and recommendations. With Fulcrum you can create in-the-moment experiences that accelerate customer engagement, improve brand loyalty and increase conversion rates.

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Our platform provides you with the ability to deliver highly personalized experiences for your customers — all in real-time and fully automated.

Fulcrum provides solutions for Digital Agencies, Marketing Teams, Sales Departments and more. Using Fulcrum makes it easy to segment customers and deliver personalized experiences across all your marketing channels, like providing content recommendations for your customers that connect them to your brand and retain their loyalty.



Fulcrum can personalize a campaign experience in real-time to create a more relevant experience and increase conversions via an automated workflow.


Acquisition Use Case #1

  1. User clicks on a display ad and comes to the site.
  2. Fulcrum instantly recognizes this path and/or campaign and renders a personalized experience in-the-moment based on the content and layout of the ad (to keep with aesthetic and content continuity). No need to pre-build multiple landing pages.
  3. User receives a highly relevant experience significantly increasing the goal of the desired conversion.
  4. Fulcrum provides attribution in real-time for the associated marketing channel and specific campaign. Downstream metrics on this user for future activity is also captured, allowing the opportunity to evaluate the long-term impact of the campaign beyond just the initial interaction.

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Fulcrum uses AI to identify and respond in real-time to known and anonymous customers to advance engagement and increase conversion.


Conversion Use Case #1

  1. Anonymous user has had 2+ visits looking at a specific product showing a high degree of interest but has not purchased.
  2. Fulcrum instantly recognizes the user and the associated past activity. Using AI, our platform displays a personalized message to incentivize the user to purchase immediately upon their revisit (e.g. a discount, recent reviews, etc.).
  3. If the user does not convert, they are automatically put into a specific segment to receive a highly targeted email and/or a targeted ad.

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Fulcrum’s AI identifies possible patterns of customer churn like gaps in purchase activity and reacts in real-time to retain customers and revenue.


Retention Use Case #1

  1. A user with a history of high frequency visits and purchases has not been active on the site within the past 21 days, far outside the norm for this user’s behavior.
  2. Fulcrum automatically recognizes this gap in site visits and purchase activity.
  3. User is sent a “win back” email to encourage them to come back to the site.
  4. A personalized message is displayed for them on their revisit (e.g. welcome back, discount, gift with purchase, etc.).

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84% of iPhone users are now selecting the “Ask app not to track” option.


“Having the right automation tool set, principles, and governance in place is vital to achieving and elevating personalization at scale.”


The Customer Data Platform Market size is expected to grow from $3.5 billion in 2021 to $15.3 billion by 2026.



Capture individual first-party data in real-time to establish a better understanding of customers

Leverage customer data to map personalization initiatives to achieve business goals

Automate personalization workflows to engage users based on unique interests and behaviors

Increase conversion rates, build brand loyalty and retain customers

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