What’s your User Engagement Strategy?

Don’t have one? Need help? You’re in luck!

Use Cases

Your company has been selected to participate in Fulcrum’s ASPIRE Program for Innovative Brands. As a member of ASPIRE, your company will have the opportunity to utilize the power of Fulcrum’s Customer Data Personalization Platform to drive increased conversions across all marketing channels.

Using Fulcrum, you can make better decisions on how to interact with your customers by collecting user behavior data in real-time to provide your customers with relevant messaging and recommendations.

ASPIRE Program Overview:

Fulcrum will establish a full Enterprise license to be used for 60 days at no cost. Qualifying companies will receive a turn-key onboarding package allowing for easy installation and integration.

Who’s a good fit? Companies who have:

  • A willingness to be innovative!
  • A desire to learn more about activating engagement initiatives within the user journey channels of Acquisition, Conversion and Retention.
  • A commitment to attend and participate in weekly strategy and check-in meetings.
  • An ability to make strategy personalization initiatives decisions in a timely and efficient manner.

Features included in the ASPIRE Program:

  • Real-Time, First-Party Data Collection
  • Custom Audience Segment Builder
  • Real-Time KPI Dashboard
  • Historical Data Ingest
  • Multi-Channel Attribution Reporting
  • Real-time Data Collection, up to 5 million events per month
  • Automated Personalization Logic
  • Real-time Personalization Delivery System
  • AI-Powered Recommendation Engine
  • Fulcrum Expert Consulting for Growth and Strategy Execution
  • Conversion Funnel Mapping
  • Five Active Seats
  • Weekly 1:1 Calls (1/x per week – 60 mins)
  • Growth and Strategy Planning with Category Experts
  • Concierge On-boarding

Plus with the ASPIRE Program you get:

  • Access to a development team during the initial implementation phase of the project (and possible quick check-ins during the ASPIRE Program.)
  • A dedicated point of contact for project coordination
  • A feedback loop for product development and case studies
  • Consistent engagement with our team for the duration of the ASPIRE Program

Fulcrum will also need access to specific conversion rates for individual events and marketing channels. A complete list can be supplied prior to formal execution of the ASPIRE Program.

To get started, Fulcrum and your team will develop engagement strategies across three primary channels of your customer journey.

ACQUISITION – Using real-time data, Fulcrum serves up custom, in-the-moment experiences to your users to improve engagement.

CONVERSION – Fulcrum’s AI recommends the “next best action” for a user to take, keeping them connected and on the most direct path to conversion.

RETENTION – Fulcrum tracks how users are interacting with your website and other marketing channels, engaging your customers to keep them coming back.

Choose Fulcrum to integrate and execute effective and durable customer engagement strategies that accelerate conversion and increase revenues.

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